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As dimension word meaning; it is a geometrical and conceptual term meaning all the lengths of the object in the x, y, z directions of the circumscribed object, its state, scope, size, width, and its borders. Dimensional perception, on the other hand, is the boundaries that a living species can perceive between infinitely intertwined dimensions. As humans living on earth, we are able to perceive the third dimension. The first dimension, on the other hand, is accepted as dimensionlessness according to some theories and represents the point. The most important instinct in the dimension perception of living things (bacteria, viruses…) in the first dimension is “existing”. The second dimension is the set of points that fills the gap between two points, that is, the line. The most important instinct of creatures living in the second dimension (plants, trees…) is to grow. The most important instinct of creatures living in the third Dimension (animals…) is to reproduce. The most important instinct of creatures living in the fifth dimensional (humans…) is to understand other lives (if you say why we live in the third dimension as Earth people, see. Sumerian Inscriptions, see brave earth souls). When we pass to the seventh dimension, our most important instinct in the disembodied life form is to “create” and we are entitled to a primary school diploma (all even-numbered dimensions, except for the 2nd dimension, perform a duty as steps and are transition dimensions.)

Life, with scientists, according to the synthesis of information given by ancient inscriptions; it started with the separation of a whole (the Essence) into large and small infinite particles (spirit), as a result of the big bang. The beginning of life.. It is also written in ancient inscriptions that everything, animate and inanimate, in the “essence” before the explosion is a whole, and after the explosion, this whole will break into pieces and move away from each other (the growth phase of the universe), and after a point, the souls will move closer to each other (the waning phase of the universe) and that we will eventually reintegrate; It’s like sticking a needle into a balloon filled with water and recording the explosion in slow motion and rewinding the video after a point. This is actually the basis of the “United” theory. The purpose of living things in their journey of evolution to return to this “Essence” is to develop gradually and to realize the existence and creating. Gradual development, on the other hand, takes place by stepping up as stated above.

After this general information, if we move on to the perception of dimension in architecture, architecture, in a way, is the art of forming spaces. In other words, it is completely based on perception in dimension. If we look at it on a small scale, the perception of dimension in the place; if we look at it on a large scale, silhouette affects the city perception. Although architectural structures are physically static, they gain movement and life by being perceived differently from every angle with the dynamics of the user. The most important task of the architect is to design life in the context of existing and creating in accordance with the concept of Essence and Unity, while keeping the perception of dimension in mind.

İren Elçisoy


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