Climate Change, Corona and the New Age

As most groundbreaking inventions appear as a result of great mistakes, Socially, New Ages also occur as a result of the great mistakes of the current era. The result of the mistakes of the age that we are in is climate change and diseases such as corona and depression caused by social pressure on people. If we ask what our mistakes were; producing more than necessary, consuming more than necessary, hoarding in every aspect and denying nature. In this case, it will be inevitable to start using technology in order to recover people, society and nature in the New Age that will occur.

As a significant part of the society migrated to rural areas and started to experience self-sufficiency; by expanding the average square meter area per person, per community, city populations with toxic chimney effect will decrease, and advanced technology will be used for clean energy and clean waste. As a solution to transportation, which is one of the important problems of rural life; We will begin to experience the golden era of the new age as soon as a means of transportation that will travel a long distance in a short time and will not harm nature is found and used by people from every walk of life in society. In other words, we are expecting for the darkness of night to fill its time for the sun to rise again.


İren Elçisoy


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