The employer is the President of Azerbaijan. The main contractor is Dia Holding Fzco.
The Project which is designed by Hok Architects consists of reinforced concrete structured 32-42 levels; hotel, office and residential usage towers, located on a retail and conference center podium. The Project is 245.000 sqm and budget is 2 billion $.

My Experience is on the Baku Flame Towers Project;
External Cladding Coordinator
Design Office Architect- İstanbul
• Preparing 1/200 architectural preliminary project stick to chief architect concept-renders
• Preparing 1/100-50-20 construction drawings project
• External cladding coordination in consultation with Werner Sobek
• Eligibility determination of the unitized panel system for the building mass
• Facade types / glass specifications / facade cleaning / lighting / ventilation systems
• Towers flick- tail steel structure systems / Wind tunnel test
• Bill of quantities / Assisting procurement office

Assistant Construction Manager
Site Architect- Baku
• Re-desiging the working systems / daily / weekly / monthly / annually planning system formats
• Controlling of the site team according to the daily / weekly / monthly / annually planning
• Follow-up shop drawings by design team and distrubuting to the site
• Controlling sub-contractors labor force activity-efficiency rating / quantity survey
• Renovating site motion plans and site fire protection / work safety planning

Photographer: OzzRod on

Inspiration from Nature's Design; ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE